I don't want to get into a whole history of my life - more a chance to share what is the current map of my life and what I offer.

I have been travelling and leading a sacred dance form called Dances of Universal Peace since 1983. I have been very much involved in this dance form, through training leaders, travelling world-wide leading workshops, organising dance events and being involved in the general organisation. I have also been a student of Sufism for 30 years and I am interested in walking the talk of awakening.

Much of my time now is spend running my detox trading company, which means less Dances of Universal Peace leading. This is due partly to my detox work but also mainly to feeling uncomfortable about the amount of air miles I was doing (in 2007 I did 53 airline flights), and questioning my footprint balance to spreading the dance of peace and talking about caring for our planet.

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